COSTA RICA- NATIONAL STRIKE. We beg for urgent international support. Laura Arias

Costa Ricans asks for help to CNN! Since 22 days ago the country is submerged into an indefinite national strike. Last demonstration in our capital city, San Jose, gathered at least 1 million people. Primary and secondary teachers, physicians, nurses, environmentalists, students in general, feminists, native agricultural communities, country side people, public and private sector workers demand National Coalition Government to withdraw the current the so-called Tax Combo Bill Nº 20580 from the National Congress. Labor Unions and other organizations rate this project as a package that would bring even more poverty to the most vulnerable population sectors, exempting multinationals, big cooperatives and communication media.
The strike has the support of more than 75% of the population. The explanation for this is that in the last 30 years, governing class has performed a leading role on great corruption scandals. National Labor and Social Unions joined have submitted more than 38 proposals and have laid out a round of consensus to discuss a fairest, more inclusive, equal and above all more inclusive tax reform. In the light of this, government allied with business chambers and communication media have used every type of threats. Psychological and media war has gone from injuries and slandering up to repressed events against minors, elderlies and mainly women. Women have been the most active on all demonstrations and parades against the Fiscal Combo. Therefore, C.R. as the most expensive country of Latin America and the ninth one on economic inequality appears to fall on a social, financial and political crisis. Carts are dealt, and up today October 1st, the government puts deaf ears to the people’s clamor. Since September 10th, people are on streets, on slowdown, partial and total road-blockage, for one week paralyzed gas transportation and closed main ports. Today, communities are still on the streets and on permanent vigil in front of the Legislative Assembly (Congress). Threats increase and lawmakers speed up the discussion of the Bill in question. It seems the country has been kidnapped, human rights and international covenants disrespected; a necro-compact, despicable group gets stronger. The democracy of the bicentennial is a ridiculous empty concept. Now ‘the power of the people and for the people’ is just a demagogic speech of governing occasional dudes.
We request all organizations, activists, living forces, labor unions and communication media turning your sight to Costa Rica. Help us to make pressure and to stop such level of authoritarianism of the president Carlos Alvarado and congress men from the parties PLN, PUSC and PAC. We are warned! Fight goes on! Strike goes on and on! COSTA RICA STANDS ON FIGHT FOR TAX JUSTICE NOW!
Translation from Spanish: Global Translation Service


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